Dare to be sexy. Enjoy being a woman. Teasing and pleasing. This is what I call Burlesque!!

Showgirl MADAME ROMANOVA was born and raised in Russia. This Russian beauty has had a true passion for the entertainment since she was a child. Over the years Romanova has travelled around the world, working as a dancer in many different places and performing various dance styles.

Currently Romanova resides in the Netherlands and focuses on what has fascinated her for years – the classic Burlesque Striptease with the touch of magic. Her acts are various : from mysterious Egyptian ancient times and decorative Baroque to the roaring 1920 and swinging 1950.

Romanova’s passion for Burlesque was born from the idea of feminism: a woman with a strong personality, a femme fatale, a style icon with a blueprint on the history, such as Cleopatra, Mata Hari and Sally Rand.

“I believe that all women in all countries and continents should have the same rights as men and that women should be strong enough to make their own decisions in their lives. In my Burlesque acts I portray a strong confident woman, who has control over her life. With Burlesque I express myself. With Burlesque I celebrate femininity. It is my absolute passion”, says Romanova.

♥ Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2015
♥ Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award 2015
♥ Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2014
♥ Burlesque Hall of Fame 2014
♥ London Burlesque Festival 2013
♥ Munich Burlesque Festival 2013
♥ Paris Burlesque Festival 2012
♥ Toronto Burlesque Festival 2012
♥ Piper Heidsieck Belgium Promo tour 2011